Probability Test Scoring

Upon completion of the Cheater’s Profile questionnaire the final results of that questionnaire will be provided to you at that time and it will merely state:

“You range was D, which is a very low probability” or whatever the actual range was.

You then match the range letter with that corresponding percentage, see below:

Your range was:
Text description
% Range
Very good probability
Good probability
Fair probability
Very unlikely or invalid

Suggested Actions to Take:

If your range indicated D, you obviously never had sufficient info for a valid test.

If your range was C, there is a fair possibility your suspicions were not conclusive enough for the test to form an opinion. The only action that should be taken at this time is to collect as much additional information before moving forward or accusing your mate. Still suspicious? Keep quiet and observe a while longer! If it’s there, it will show!

Ranges A & B indicate you would have a good probablility, but not conclusive and shouldn’t be considered as such! We suggest you continue your investigation for more facts and information, and possibly some limited surveillance. You may want to consult with a professional investigator.

The Cheater’s Profile will send you a FREE copy of our “Handbook of Suggestion” with your E-Mail request. A $29.00 value if purchased separately. This handbook will provide you with important steps to take now, along with other valuable information on how to handle this situation.