We found that in over 50% of our cases in the past 40 plus years, that many of our clients were just plain wrong in their suspicions and/or assumptions about their mates cheating!

When in fact, most suspect mates were Honest and Faithful – Just wrongfully accused!

Causing destruction to their LOVE, Marriage and Relationship, basically due to jealousies or paranoia!

While our primary purpose of the test was designed to develop a probability confirmation to a degree, that a mate is or may have been cheating, is basically based on the accuracy of the accuser’s information supplied in this test.

Test scores should allow the confidence needed to move forward with further investigation or accept their mate as honest, faithful and loving!

The Cheaters Profile Test will help you with the following:

  • Recognize misleading symptoms of an affair.

  • Organize your thoughts to help eliminate inappropriate or accusatory actions toward your mate.

  • Learn to look for the right signals and ask appropriate questions of your mate.