The Cheaters Profile Test was created by Private Detective Rich McDonough as a way to help lovers discover if their spouses are really cheating, once and for all.  Here are the basic guidelines for the Cheaters Profile Test.
General Information
Categories considered in Profile Basis:

  1. Gender Risk Probability Ratings: The gender risk factors and age probability ratings indicated herein were based on case history statistical analysis of over 25 years of assignments from various sources. Categorizing five (5) age groups for males and (5) for females.

  2. Employment and Profession – Flexibility: It has been our experience that over 80% of the cases investigated with regard to possible involvement’s in affairs have been business connected or had some manner of work related exposure as the prime way affairs started! It is also a fact that most of those individuals had work flexibility in travel, and freedom of how their time was spent.

  3. Habits, Morals, Character & Associates: Our experience has been; poor character rarely changes. If your mate was known to have had any of these problems they could easily rise up again. Also, friends or associates with bad habits and morals will generally add support to your mates suspected life style.

  4. Suspicions: It is a well known fact, that many relationships have been destroyed and ended as a result of suspicions that had no merit or foundation.

  5. Symptoms: When evaluating your situation, it is always best to create as much distance from the actual events as possible. The less emotional you are, the better. This test will help you to focus on factual events rather than your emotions, fantasies, or paranoia.